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Many women’s health conditions, from abnormal cervical cells to high blood pressure and heart disease, don’t often cause symptoms in their early stages. The team of expert medical providers at Humble Family Practice, with locations in Humble and Atascocita, Texas, offers comprehensive, customized women’s health care from preventive exams and screenings to birth control advice and disease management. Make an appointment today by calling the practice or scheduling online.

Women's Health Care Q & A

What is Women’s Health Care?

Women have a unique set of health needs because of the complex and changeable nature of their reproductive systems. From puberty and menstruation, through childbirth, to menopause, women need specialized medical assessment and care in addition to general preventive health care.

In addition to a wide range of reproductive system-specific diseases, women are also at risk of a variety of general health problems. For example, the most prevalent cause of death for women is heart disease — it accounts for over a quarter of female deaths.

Why Should I Have Women’s Health Visits?

With all the demands on your time as a modern woman, it’s challenging to find time for a wellness check, especially when you’re feeling fit and healthy. However, you reap a variety of benefits from checking in on your health each year.

First, many health conditions don’t cause noticeable symptoms in their early — and more treatable — stages. You could have high blood pressure, abnormal cervical cells, or an STD for months or even years without experiencing any symptoms. The health screenings you have at your annual women’s health visit help your doctor diagnose any hidden conditions and provide treatment before you experience any poor health.

Additionally, your women’s health visit is your opportunity to ask questions and get advice from your trusted medical provider. Whether you’ve noticed a change in your health, want advice on weight or stress management, or need a prescription for birth control, the experts at Humble Family Practice are dedicated to providing information and educational resources to help you improve and protect your health.

What Should I Expect During a Women’s Health Appointment?

A woman’s health visit begins like most other doctor’s appointments, with a blood pressure check and height and weight measurements.

Then you meet with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Your provider asks about your overall health and well-being and reviews your personal and family medical history. They may ask about any medications or supplements you take regularly.

They listen to your heart and lungs and feel your abdomen and lymph nodes for abnormalities. Then, they perform your pelvic exam and breast exam. If you’re due for a Pap smear, they can provide this critical preventive health screening as well.

If you’re due for a women’s health visit, call Humble Family Practice or schedule an appointment online today.