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Smoking cessation is something the physicians at Humble Family Practice take very seriously. Even though smoking is on the decline, it still accounts for about one of every five deaths in the United States. If you’ve tried to quit in the past without success, it may be time to get help from the experts at Humble Family Practice. Call the Humble or Atascocita, Texas, office today or schedule an appointment using the online booking button.

Smoking Cessation Q & A

Why Is It So Hard to Stop Smoking?

You’re not alone if you’ve tried to quit smoking multiple times in the past without success. There are three reasons you may find it difficult to quit, including:

  • Physical Addiction: Cigarettes contain an addictive substance called nicotine that, when inhaled, releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine. When the nicotine wears off, your body signals you that it wants more, causing an addictive cycle.
  • Routine: Smoking cigarettes may also be ingrained in your routine, which can make it difficult to stop. Maybe you like to smoke first thing in the morning when you’re sipping your coffee and reading your paper. Quitting can be disruptive to your routine.
  • Social: Smoking can also be part of your social outlet. Smokers tend to stick together and you may feel like you’re losing your friends, too, if you quit.

What are the Benefits of Smoking Cessation?

The benefits of smoking cessation begin almost instantly. Just 20 minutes after you put out your last cigarette, your heart rate slows down, and within two weeks your lung function begins to improve.

Other benefits include

  • Reduced risk of lung and heart disease
  • Lower risk of cancer
  • Improved fertility in women

Smoking cessation may also make food taste better, and you and your house, or car, smell better.

What Can I Expect During Smoking Cessation Treatment?

Your practitioner at Humble Family Practice wants you to quit smoking for good and works closely with you to develop the most effective treatment plan to help you stop. To start, your practitioner conducts a thorough examination to assess your health and review your medical history.

Your practitioner then talks to you about the benefits of smoking cessation and what to expect when you stop, so there are no surprises. To help you combat cravings, your practitioner may prescribe nicotine replacement products, such as a nicotine patch or gum, or medication to reduce cravings, such as bupropion.

Your practitioner also helps you devise a different routine, as well as provide resources for a nonsmoking support system or group.

Humble Family Practice knows quitting is hard, but once you make it through, you’ll get a lifetime’s worth of health benefits. For smoking cessation, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

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