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A bacterial or viral infection can cause a number of symptoms and may require treatment to feel better. Humble Family Practice, with offices in Humble and Atascocita, Texas, provides testing and treatment for both viral and bacterial infections. If you’re sick, but don’t know what’s making you feel bad, call the office or schedule an appointment online for testing and the appropriate treatment.

Viral/Bacterial Infections Q & A

What is a Virus?

A virus is a tiny organism that consists of genetic material inside a protein coating. Viruses can only reproduce when they attach themselves to a host, which can be the cells in your body.

Common illnesses caused by a virus include:

  • Cold and flu
  • Chickenpox
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Viruses can cause a variety of symptoms depending on the type of virus causing the infection.

How is a Viral Infection Treated?

Unfortunately, there are no cures for a viral infection. If you have a viral infection, your practitioner at Humble Family Practice can provide treatments to help alleviate your symptoms while your body works at getting rid of the virus. For example, if you have a cold, you may benefit from over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce discomfort or decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose.

You may be able to protect yourself from getting a viral infection by getting vaccinated. Humble Family Practice offers a number of vaccinations, including chickenpox, HPV, and the flu.

What are Bacteria?

Bacteria are single-celled organisms found throughout your environment. Not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, only about 1% of bacteria can make you sick.

Common illnesses caused by bacterial infections include:

  • Strep throat
  • Food-borne illness
  • Urinary tract infection

Tuberculosis is also a type of bacterial infection.

How is a Bacterial Infection Treated?

Unlike viral infections, bacterial infections can be cured with antibiotics. When your practitioner prescribes an antibiotic for your infection, it’s important to take it as directed, even if you’re feeling better, to prevent a relapse or a more serious infection.

Bacteria are very adaptable, and every time you take an antibiotic to treat an infection, the bacteria are developing ways to resist the treatment, which is why there are so many new bugs resistant to common antibiotic treatments.

How Do I Know if I Have a Viral or Bacterial Infection?

Your practitioner at Humble Family Practice determines if your infection is viral or bacterial during your examination. In some cases, lab work may be necessary to confirm or rule out the cause of your illness.

For treatment for your viral or bacterial infection, call Humble Family Practice, or book an appointment using the online tool.