Primary Care Services

Primary care services refer to a general form of health care, in that Primary Care Physicians are typically the first doctors or practitioners to see a patient. Families are encouraged to seek family medicine physicians or a group of doctors who have experience handling patients who range in age. Fortunately, there are many such practices that can be trusted to manage the care of an entire family.

What do primary care services consist of?

Primary Care Physicians cover a multitude of different areas and are the first point of contact on many issues that were formerly handled by a specialist first. They evaluate the health concerns and decide the best plan of action for each patient. Here is a list of the most common primary care services.

  1. General Family Services – This is the service that most associate with their family doctor. They can cover things from a head cold to immunizations and allergies to asthma. Also covered would be annual physicals and health maintenance.
  2. Internal Medicine Services – Internal medicine is something many Primary Care Physicians cover. They often treat more chronic problems like arthritis and other common chronic diseases like diabetes. These services also cover physical exams, screening for various diseases, ordering tests and help patients with preventative care.
  3. Pediatric Services – Pediatric services focus on providing care for children, from newborn infants to soon-to-be college students. Immunizations and physicals are common when working with children and adolescents. Additionally, there may be common childhood diseases that the GP can treat. Pediatric care focuses solely on the wellness of children. This can be a valuable life-long relationship between the child and the family doctor.
  4. Well-Woman Services – Primary Care Physicians can offer many of the same services as a Gynecologist for women not in need of an obstetrician. All women should have an annual well-woman checkup to identify any issues, as well as screening for cervical and breast cancer. Additionally, well-woman services may cover family planning and working with couples to select the best options for their situation.

Primary Care Physicians are like the first line of defense in protecting an entire family from most illnesses, both acute and chronic. With their general expertise and wealth of knowledge, these doctors are important for the continued health of all patients, man, woman and child.